The company ACQUA E BAGNO founded by Adamidis brothers, is specialized in the production of manufactured goods and handmade bathrooms for the last 17 years. The participation of the younger member of the family- John Adamidis- four years ago, has contributed significantly to the upward trend of the business. The manufacture is housed in private facilities of 1600m2 on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Ionia and includes a specially designed exhibition space. Technicians of great expertise, design, produce, process and shape glass in compliance with the requirements of our customers and create daily original glass constructions with great aesthetics.

The company is highly skilled in the mirrors and glass washbasins, providing over 500 designs. Continuous research, experimentation and the requirement for quality results, has made the ACQUA E BAGNO Company not only to stand out, but also to excel in the industry.

Glass tiles as well as kitchen and bathroom decorations are also some of the items that the company offers in the Greek market and abroad. As manufacturers of unique out-of- standard products we are able to fulfill special glass construction orders regardless of item numbers.

Last year, our company invested in a printing machine level banking Flora PP -2512/UV that has the ability to print onto glass and on other flat surfaces using four-color plus white ink. Other flat surfaces include wood surfaces and wood products coated with PVC, ABS, bakelite, etc.


When art meets traditional contemporary reality.